10 Inspiring Videos on Effective Leadership Skills

Some might consider leadership as a skill that is needed only in a corporate culture. When in fact, it is mandatory for any business endeavor to exceed and scale.

10 inspiring videos on effective leadership skills

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As a business owner, executive or manager, it’s crucial that you understand leadership and that you make active steps towards becoming a more effective leader while honing your leadership skills.

To help you in this journey, I have collected what I believe to be the 10 best videos on how-to help develop and hone effective leadership skills. Be sure to bookmark this article for future reference, there are a ton of great details in these videos…

1. Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers — and as a counterpoint Tivo, which (until a recent court victory that tripled its stock price) appeared to be struggling.

2. Seth Godin on the Difference Between Leadership and Management

Bestselling author Seth Godin says that “Management and leadership are totally different things. You think you are being a leader, but you are probably being a manager.” He goes on to say, “Managers figure out what they want done and get people to do it. Managers try to get people to do what they did yesterday, but a little faster and a little cheaper with a few less defects.” But this is not leadership.

3. Roselinde Torres: What it Takes to be a Great Leader

There are many leadership programs available today, from 1-day workshops to corporate training programs. But chances are, these won’t really help. In this clear, candid talk, Roselinde Torres describes 25 years observing truly great leaders at work, and shares the three simple but crucial questions would-be company chiefs need to ask to thrive in the future.

4. Social Intelligence and Leadership

An interview with Daniel Goleman, Psychologist. See how you can use emotional and social intelligence to improve your own and your organization’s performance.

5. Oprah Winfrey on Career, Life and Leadership

During a student-led interview at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Oprah Winfrey shares seminal moments of her career journey and the importance of listening to your instincts. Winfrey also offers advice to students on how to find their calling: “Align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you.”

6. Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

In this in-depth talk, ethnographer and leadership expert Simon Sinek reveals the hidden dynamics that inspire leadership and trust. In biological terms, leaders get the first pick of food and other spoils, but at a cost. When danger is present, the group expects the leader to mitigate all threats even at the expense of their personal well-being. Understanding this deep-seated expectation is the key difference between someone who is just an “authority” versus a true “leader.”

7. Stanley McChrystal: Leadership is a Choice

“Leadership is not a talent or a gift. It’s a choice. It’s not complex, but it’s very hard.”, General Stanley McChrystal explains to a packed auditorium of 600 at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. McChrystal shares his perspective on leadership and influence discussing the importance of understanding culture, leading by example, building trust, and creating a common goal within a team.

8. Top 10 Differences Between Managers and Leaders

This short video from Scott Williams provides 10 clear distinctives to help understand the difference between a manager and a leader.

9. Simon Sinek: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety, especially in an uneven economy,  means taking on big responsibility.

10. Leadership From A Dancing Guy

Okay, so this video is less educational and more entertaining. But you’ve got to give this guy credit, he sure knows how to attract and lead a crowd!

Ask yourself the following: What do I need to do to keep up with the pace of business with the increasing complexity of today’s workplace….? 
 What can I do today to hone in on my leadership skills to be successful….?

There are many leadership skills and competencies that, when combined and applied, go toward making you an effective leader. It is best to remember you have the ability to develop each of these skills within yourself. It’s always up to you….

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